Endpoint Monitoring Solutions

End-Point Monitoring is a total performance management solution that provides automated IT monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting to troubleshoot application slowdowns, user experience issues, productivity monitoring of workforce, network outages, server failures, storage hotspots, and unauthorized data access etc..

Endpoint monitoring helps administrators to keep track of all of the device information such as where endpoints are located on the network, which software is running on each endpoint, which network ports are exposed, what has been uploaded or downloaded from the endpoint and so on.

In addition to helping businesses maintain visibility into their networks, endpoint monitoring solutions helps prevent disruptions to business, as well as identify and prevent security issues on the network. It also helps in safeguarding critical data vital for the Organisation.


Effective endpoint monitoring delivers a range of benefits:

Maximized Security

Monitoring becomes complex as the number of devices on your network increases but an Endpoint Monitoring Solutions makes it easy for administrators to track the suspicious activity across the network, analyse the activity and to take immediate action to prevent data access and data loss.

Centralized View

A full-scale dashboard from the monitoring tool provides Administrators with real-time information and activity of applications that exist on each system connected to the network and provides Real-time protection from threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, apps, and more

Network Transparency

With endpoint monitoring, companies are better positioned to understand what is happening on their networks: How many devices are connected, what types of devices they are, how often they are used, how much bandwidth they are consuming and so on.


Monitoring Solutions provide a malware free environment, with endpoint monitoring corrective measures can be taken again malware attack from inside and outside of the network preventing access to attackers/hackers.

Detailed Security Alerts

With triggered security alerts from monitoring tool administrators can have real-time notification of suspicious behaviour of an employee who accesses a specific website, downloads a suspicious file or inserts a non-approved USB for retrieving confidential files or launching malicious activity.


As more employees started the concept of work from anywhere either because of pandemic or off-site business travel they need to access their corporate data from anywhere, without necessary device security an employee who is connected to workplace via public WIFI in a shop or airport can give access for cybercriminals to have access to sensitive corporate data or even taking control of the network itself.

Endpoint Monitoring Solutions makes sure data is safe on the employee’s devices, no matter where they are or from which network they are connected while working. It also helps gauge the productivity of employees and help organization streamline their workforce remotely as well.