Why Choosing the Right Colocation Partner Is Important

Colocation is the process of housing an organization’s compute, storage, networking and security hardware in a purpose built data center, owned and operated by a partner.

Colocation facilities provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of other firms and also connect them to a variety of telecommunications and network service providers with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Instead of keeping servers in-house or in a private data center, organizations can rent physical space for their servers or computing hardware and collocate in a third-party data center. The data center provider takes care of the important aspects such as network connectivity, power and cooling.

With colocation services, businesses purchase their own equipment and pay a colocation provider for the space and resources in the data center. The individual is then responsible for setting up and configuring their server and maintaining it going forward.


Multi-tenant data centers are typically data centers operated by third parties for the benefit of multiple enterprise tenants. They are often referred to as colocation data centers, however, in some instances wholesale data centers will operate a single-client data center on behalf of a large client.


  • Facilities – Colocation offers space in the provider’s data center for your IT hardware. These facilities are typically audited for reliability and include racks, cabinets and cable trays for your equipment.
  • Power – Colocation data centers typically have backup generators with varying levels of redundancy and/or battery backup systems or uninterruptible power supplies, depending on the facility.
  • Physical security – Most colocation centers maintain high levels of physical security, including on-site security guards, 24x7x365 surveillance and biometric authorization.
  • Cooling – Colocation services provide cooling systems to protect your hardware, typically including redundant HVAC systems and chiller configurations (e.g., centrifugal chillers, cooling towers and water loop pumps).


Frees up your IT resources

A colocation service provides engineering staff responsible for maintaining the facility and responding to issues 24/7.

Cost-effective and Scalable

Datacenters house multiple customers, allowing us to spread the cost of maintaining the facility. For you, this means benefiting from economies of scale.

All the infrastructure is provided

The Data Centers provides the building fabric, power feeds, cooling systems, generators, high-end security, maintenance engineers and back-up servers.

More reliable

Power outages and loss of network connectivity are major disruptors to IT operations, and in business-critical or customer-facing IT systems, any downtime will result in loss of custom and reputation.

10 Keys to Choosing a Data Center Colocation Provider:

1. The power density to support both current and future technologies.

2. Flexible master service agreement (MSA) and service level agreements (SLAs).

3. Network carrier redundancy: Look for colocation facilities that are carrier neutral and have a variety of network carriers that can provide connectivity within the facility.

4. High-density environments: If you can be efficient and fit the same amount of equipment in a smaller space, you’ll reduce your operating costs.

5. The right location.

6. High levels of physical security.

7. Alignment with disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

8. Compliance: Be wary of false claims and verify your provider’s certification with the Uptime Institute.

9. Transitional services:  At a minimum, your provider should offer a comprehensive managed service portfolio, so you won’t need to dispatch your technical staff to flip a switch.

10. Future growth: Look for a colocation provider who allows you to expand in areas such as power and space.

How safe is it to colocate your server with Servers and COLO Data Center?

We maintain High Standards accreditation for Quality management, IT security management, safe working environment and transaction safe covers all of our data centers.

Choosing to colocate with Servers and COLO Datacenter is the right choice, here is the reason why:

  • TIER IV Data Center Parks
  • Long Term scalability at same site
  • Building Wide choice of Colo spaces
  • Multiple redundant cooling systems and High-capacity, enterprise-class UPS systems
  • Multiple power feeds and innovative Power usage Effectiveness (PUE) solutions
  • Flexible Contracting
  • Cyber security covering all aspects of security
  • Diverse network connections with Multiple Fiber entry paths
  • Wide Choice of Support Services such as store rooms, staging rooms

Choose a Data Center Solutions Partner Not Just a Colocation Facility’, get in touch with our experts at sales@serversandcolo.com or visit us at www.serversandcolo.com