Why Should You Invest In A GPU Servers for High Compute Applications

Benefits of using GPU servers:

3D Processing: – GPU based dedicated server are well suited to run applications that require 3D processingGPU based dedicated servers have multiple cores that speed up the processing of server.

Fast Performance: – GPU servers comes with multiple cores which helps to accelerate the speed of application hosted on dedicated server with GPU. A normal GPU based dedicated server starts with 700 cores and it varies up to 3000 cores. Therefore GPU based dedicated servers are highly recommended to host applications like Machine learning, Crypto Currency, Big data, gaming application etc.

Big Data Application: – Big data applications require lot of data processing in real time. GPU based dedicated server provide a platform to take real time business decisions. With the help of GPU based dedicated servers a user can run multiple queries and algorithms run in parallel to analyze the data and it helps to solve the complex problem.

Data Analysis: – GPU based dedicated servers are well suited to run application that require lot of data analysis. GPU server can process accurate floating point arithmetic and complex mathematical problems easily. The feature of fast data analysis makes it suitable to run applications like big data and machine learning on GPU based dedicated servers.

Video Streaming and Gaming Applications: – GPU based dedicated server are recommended to run    applications related to video streaming and gaming. Game application like counter strike, Minecraft perform well with GPU based dedicated servers. 

VDI Applications: – Companies prefer to provide a platform to its employee where all the desired software’s are pre-configured on the system. GPU based dedicated servers gives wonderful performance to run VDI based applications. 

Power Efficiency: – GPU based dedicated server consume less power in comparison of CPU based dedicated server which helps to save money and environment.

Unlimited Scaling: – Dedicated servers with GPU comes with an option where GPU card can be placed in a single server and multiple servers can configured in cluster. In such scenario customer get more cores and memory which run simultaneously to process data at very high speed.


How GPU servers can benefit your business – What can GPU servers do?

GPUs are built for high-speed graphics, but their architecture and high-speed mathematical processing makes them well-suited for dealing with some high-performance computing tasks. Utilizing a GPU means having applications that are written to offload specific tasks to the CPU. It’s similar to how games run: on a PC, the process of handling the rendering of graphics is passed to the GPU, while the CPU handles other aspects of the game. Key to the GPU’s success is the way it handles parallel computing. Thanks to thousands of cores, more significant tasks can be broken down into smaller computations that are executed in parallel. The result is that a GPU can complete some tasks many times faster than a CPU. A lot of the talk about GPUs revolves around their use in supercomputers, the likes of which help predict the weather or are used for DNA sequencing. Yet, for general business use, GPU servers have a proven track record, and can be used to accelerate compatible database queries, big data modelling, and statistical analysis. GPUs are also powering the next wave of AI applications.