Fully-Managed Services

Managed Services is the practice of taking responsibility for managing clients/customers bare metal or cloud resources / infrastructures which include configuration, management, optimization and maintenance without any hands-on effort from client/customer end.

Here is the partial list of Managed services that are offered:

  • Server Configuration and Management
  • Network Monitoring and Administration
  • WordPress Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Control Panel Management
  • End Point Monitoring Management
  • Help Desk Support

This service is designed for customer who prefer hands off approach to their servers for configuration and management as well as organization which does not have a separate IT team to manage servers. This service includes OS (Windows, Linus) Installation, Network Configuration, Server Manager – Active Directory (AD), Hyper-V, KVM, Web server (IIS, Apache, ngnix), DNS Servers and server optimization for better performance.


In today technology filled world, Network Monitoring is essential as it is a critical process where all equipment’s like servers, Virtual Machines, Routers, Switches and Firewall are monitored for better performance and bug free environment. A faulty equipment affects network performance, this can be eliminated by early detection of performance and bandwidth usages across the network to figure out the reason for higher bandwidth usages and rectify it before these overloads the device. Usually, network monitoring and administration services include continuous monitoring and administration of entire network devices to optimize the network across the organization for better performance and availability of network.


In this digital century every business or service provider who wants to build up their business over the internet requires a good quality website to show off their products or services which they offer. With a fully Managed WordPress Service, clients do not need to work hard to build their website, instead they can get support for better website layouts, website management, security and optimization for low latency and faster loading of websites.


Every organization who has sensitive data does not want intruders / hackers to get into their data for any Ransome, with firewalls all the network and ports are managed with high level security which dis-allows every attempt to steal the data. A fully managed firewall service includes Firewall configuration, VPN configuration, Port forwarding and NAT configuration and firewall Rules creation as per client needs.


Every website which is online requires a control panel to configure / Manage domains, SSL, FTP, Email, Database to run a website seamlessly. A Control Panel Management service provides complete management of control panels for every server or VM’s for organizations who do not have an IT team or for those who do not want to manage on their own.


For every organization who wants to monitor the activity of their employee with their productive time requires an endpoint monitoring tool to do so, this requires a separate IT Team to operate and to monitor. A managed Service provides installation, monitoring and report generation on demand where an organization lacks an IT team or where an organization does not want to monitor on their own.


An organization requires a faster and smarter response team to interact with the customer and provide effective customer support to help the business growth. An efficient Help Desk support provides better possible experience to your customers with trained and well qualified executives via chat, call or email support thus increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Let us checkout the benefits of having managed services for your business:-

  • OPEX

Investing on servers and infrastructure/Solutions can be expensive, with managed services these expenses are consolidated to a single and less expensive SLA cost.


Having an in-house team and equipment’s required high maintenance and man power cost, with managed service these IT costs can be reduced.


Training a team for a faster and effective support team can be costlier and time consuming, but with outsourced managed service you get a faster and highly experienced support team at cheaper price.


Having a list of support team for each and every hardware and software will be time consuming. Fortunately, providing both hardware and software support solutions for services, you will never have to engage with separate support teams for troubleshooting resolutions of technical issues.

With a host of managed services to choose from, IBITS Technology Solutions offers IT Infrastructure support round the clock helping organizations build and grow their businesses without the hassle of investment or manpower acquisition. To know more, mail us at info@ibitstech.com or visit www.ibitstech.com