Reasons to move your On-premises Server Infrastructure to a Data Center

In today’s world and business trends having a server is necessary for every organization to meet their requirements. An on-premises solution is a network of servers that are privately owned, maintained and controlled by the organization on its own. The Operational Cost for an on-premises data center requires huge investment for maintenance, equipment and support, however hosting the servers in a Data Center is an cost-effective and productive solution by offering customized servers racks, dedicated or shared rack with full control of equipment and also providing security to your devices and data.

On-premises Solution can offer physical control protection however lacks the features like Security, Monitoring, 24×7 Support and Scalability features of Data Center.

Limitations of On-Premises Server infrastructure:

  • Equipment and Maintenance Cost

Construction cost for On-premises server hall and operational cost is expensive. For every hardware upgrade and server maintenance requires additional cost and also requires qualified in-house staff.

  • Responsibilities

In house staff is responsible for all aspects of provisioning, troubleshooting and management.

  • Redundancy

Network, Power and Cooling Redundancy can be more challenging for an organization to have an on-premises data center which requires multiple network providers and Power Source as a failsafe at the time of emergency which is expensive when compared to having service with a data center.

  • Support

Hiring a Qualified and experienced technician is required to support, troubleshoot or provide solutions at the time of malfunction of device or during data theft or data loss, which is expensive.

This brings us to the advantages of Data Center over on-premises server infrastructure, which are:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Offers robust hardware ecosystem
  • 24*7 Support and Maintenance
  • Uninterrupted Services
  • Higher Availability of Service
  • Higher Infrastructure Security
  • Redundancy (Power, Network and Cooling)

In addition to the above benefits, Data centers are built with Security Perspective as a key feature and provide built in protection against Natural/Environmental Disasters, Power Loss and Physical / Virtual Security Breach. Even after moving from on-premises to data center, Client always has the full control of the servers at all time whether through remote access via Virtual Private Network or even in-house access.

Once your equipment is moved or taken services from the data center you will be provided with an uninterrupted network, power source and cooling system with backup Power Generators and backup network when the other power source or networks fails.

Climate Control is the major factor of server operation and maintenance, Data Center provides redundant N+1 cooling system all over the server rack which is impossible for an on-premises solution. Thus, in conclusion server hosting in a datacenter is hassle-free and beneficial for the growth of an organization without compromising on the Organization’s IT cost and space and leads to better utilization of resources.